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- Why is everyone obsessed with derpy illuminati potatoes.
- What should I do my pixel art of
- more coming later!


I am starting a new account for projects I publish and no remixes. I have no ideas of what to do.


Try to not watch the videos. Maybe remake your favorite app? Use values. Experiment to help you get better.


Ideas? Try @Rawrbear's nuke?


Trying to reuse topic. Does anyone have suggestions for how to make this look better?




Maybe... Try to add floor under the bottle? And add some clouds?
Btw ot's great :D


It is great already! But maybe add some bubbles in the water?


You can do this for the details:
<summary>Name of details</summary>
(stuff in the details)


Oh and maybe try to make the 'bottled water' text a little bit more fancy?


replace that cap with a rectangle or other shape.