Coders Team UNITE!



This is the coder's topic for @Bubbles4Ever929 Contest!

Leader: @Wookie



Who HOO! Coders Unite! :grinning:

Epic theme music starts


Good. The team if you did not know is whatever you'd like. The deadline is three days from now. Get to work! If every team completes it before then I will judge it then.


Do we have one project or each person has one?


Ok so what do you guys want to do (I think maybe an Easter project)


It's a big collab. One team has one project.


Be the Easter bunny!


I can start an account for our team if you want.


Let's try to get this on featured then we would be sure to win :blush:


On the Uptown coders topic you are next! @CosineStudios just published here, now it is your turn! :grinning:


Hmm.. maybe not an Easter project, because Easter isn't until next week. Lets make a list of all our talents under this line

@Dude73- learning fast, leave a trail, values, work fast
@DancingLollipop- PIXEL ART!!


TWIST ALERT!!!!! Check original topic for this challenge's twist!


Guys read the twist @Dude73 @RubyStars @Purdue19 @DancingLollipop


What emotion do you think it is and we need to make a project on it we have 3 days


They're off.... Just do some brain storming until they get back


What is the twist? I don't know. :grimacing:


The twist is at the topic I used for signups


I'm back on guys ;D (sorry for that)


The Randoms already have their plan! I'd hurry up if I were you!

Edit: JK you have 2 more days after today


I'm back guys! Sry bout that