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Inspired by @Explorer_'s topic called "Lets start a Business!"

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You can work on HSB Finder(max 5),
Pixel Art(max 5),
Spiral Draws(max 10),
A game of any category(max 25)!

Is Hopscotch too simple


One mistake, if you wanna join you need to edit that second field!


Username: Kitkat26
Are you Human?: Last time I checked, yes! XD
What coding you are used to?: Any kind. Not very hard coding.
Hopscotching Since: December 2015.


I can't edit.

Regulars and above can make posts editable.


No I was talking that to @happyfacegirl !
Anyway which coding you want to work on?


This looks unique. I'll try it. Oh, and any category.


So what you want to work on?
If you don't know just Read Topic Description.


Well, I guess I will work on drawing pads and maybe MINIGAMES, like strange concept generators or mini gaming websites.


I don't mind if you make something different.:neutral_face:


Ok @ButterBark I got this.

A game of any other category: 1 out of 25!


Anyone else working here?


HSB Finder, please!


Okay, Sure!:grinning::slight_smile:


But im not human


Username: the bestest
Are you Human?: yeah im pretty sure
What coding you are used to?: pretty much anything-i like to try new things!
Hopscotching Since: last December


OK ill edit the topic




Ok so what you want to work on?:blush: @thebestest


Idk how about a game of any category?