CodePerfect's Store!



Welcome To CodePerfect's Store!

What Is This?

  1. This is a store where you "buy" things from me with likes or following me on Hopscotch.
  2. Tell me what you want to "buy" go to my Hopscotch account and do it, then I will work on your thing!


Here is where you buy things!

  1. A mini trail art = 3 likes
  2. A medium trail art = 4 likes
  3. A large trail art = 5 likes.
  4. A shoutout on Hopscotch = 2 likes and 1 follow
  5. A shoutout on the forum = 4
  6. A shoutout in one of my projects = 1 like and 1 follow
  7. A background with your choice of colors = 3 likes
  8. A background with your choice of colors and a shoutout = 2 likes 1 follow
  9. A game of your choice = 10 likes and 1 follow
  10. If you want me to follow you = 3 likes
  11. I will add more!




I want 4 and 5! I'm gonna follow you and like tons of your stuff now lol...


Awesome! One question tho.... What if we already follow you? I'm just curious


I'm giving you 5 leikes fir a large trail art of a GS puppy!



Good question! Let's seeā€¦ you will have to give an extra 2 likes. Do you follow me? @RubyWolf1


Okay! Can I give you a shoutout in one of my games or do you want a separate project with the shoutout?


Yes I do follow you! :3


I prefer separate, but either is fine. :smile::smile:


Thank you for the shoutouts! :smile::smile::smile:


I can't wait for you to add more, this is a great idea! :smile::smile::smile::+1::+1::+1:


Cool! Do you want to buy anything?


Okay, I will do that! What are your favorite colors?


Yellow, blue, and pink. Thank you! :smile::grinning::smiley:


You are welcome! I hope you like it!


What's the deal on 5? It just says 4


Could I have a large trail art, I don't mind when it's done. Just do something random. Please. :3


I'll have a 1 and a 4 I'll give the likes and follow when you make it don't care what the trail art is


I want a trail art of a piece of pizza!
I gave u 3 likes