CodePerfect's Q&A!



So this topic is where you can ask me questions!!!!


I would like for you guys to ask me some questions!!


This was something else before it was a Q&A!!


Okie dokey. Just making sure :wink:


Any questions from you?!?


Where is your profile picture from?
How did you get your name?
Which grade are you in?
How did you find Hopscotch?


I actually made my profile picture. If you go to my account on Hopscocth the there will be a project with my Picture!! I got my name because I love to code and I love everything to be perfect so that is where CodePerfectcame from!! I am in 5th grade!! I found Hopscocth beaches my dad showed it to me!!



Are you asking me? @FoodDelivery


yes i am... :joy: trying to get as many answers as possible


Okay I was just wondering!!


My favorite thing in Hopscotch is that you can create games!! I would add I repeat forever when block!! My favorite hopscotchers are @Madi_Hopscotch_ @FoodDelivery and @KVJ. I did Hopscocth because I wanted something on my iPad.


:astonished: thank you so much!!!!!!!


Hai! Do you like HS and HF? Why?