CodePerfect's Q&A


Hi Hopscotchers!! I am doing a Q&A right now so if you want to ask me questions just reply and I will try to answer your questions as soon as I can!!


What inspires you to code?
Who inspires you to code?
What is your favorite thing to code?


These are really good questions.
1.Hopscotch inspires me to code.
2. My dad inspires my to code. He loves to work with computer sience. He is the one who showed me Hopscotch/Coding.
3.My favorite thing to code are games!!
Thank you for asking me questions!!


Whats your fav project on Hopscotch?
Fav colour?
Fav Food?
fav project i have made?
Cats or dogs?


Hey FoodDelivery thanks for asking me these questions!!'
1.My favorite project on Hopscotch is probably Leamonade Stand by -Madi-
2. My favorite color is blue.
3. My favorite food is Lasanga.
4. My favorite project that you have made is your Herioc Helicopter.
5. I like them both but I will have to go with Cats.
Thank you!! I hope you learned some stuff about me!!


Which continent are you on currently?