CodePerfect needs a Coding Partner!



Alright I need a coding partner!! All you have to do is answer these questions!!
What is your favorite project by me?
What is your favorite thing to code?
What is your Hopscotch username?
I can't wait to see your answers!! Also I will make an account for me and the person I pick!!


My favorite project by you is Egg Trail Art
My favorite thing to code is anything to help the community grow
And my username is bLUEpaŋɖą:panda_face:


I will be your coding partner


You already have a CODING GROUP. points at mai self


1-all of dem
2- random projects, such as trail draws,drawings,and random facts. I am okay at coding.
My HS name is: RainbowTrash with the rainbow flag emoji (if you gots ios10)


Guys I am going to chose my coding partner in half an hour so submit your forms!!


Okay so my choice for the coding partner is @minioncandy!! If you entered please don't hate me if you didn't get picked!!


Wait... I didn't even submit my form yet... Is that fair to others?


Yes because in my general topic I asked you and u said yes.


Oh well...

Have you decided our username yet?


@minioncandy what should the name be?


I like Siracha Productions.


What does Siracha means?


What about you??20 characters


It's a type of food that sounds cool!!


Do you mean Sriracha?


Yeah i meant Sriracha!!


I don't really like these, do you think we should make an username that's related to ours? Pikachu and Emoji's R us made an account called 'Pikachu R Us'


Yeah let's do that. Good Idea!!


I like CandyPerfect! HBU??