Coded Vs Drawn Likes


Debating Time!
Coded Projects get Less likes unless they are in Featured.
Personally I think every type of project is amazing.
A drawing gets approximately 20 likes, whilst a coded website gets 10.
Why do you think this is Happening?
When you look on Trending it's full of art, the coding in trending is below.
If you scroll down you'll see the likes lessen.
What Project do YOU think should have more likes?


Heres a poll :D

  • Coded Projects
  • Art Projects


Votes are public.


It's a pretty hard question. I like both.


I think drawings tend of have more likes because you do not need to go into the project and play it (like for a game), but drawings, what you need to see is in the thumbnail.


Here's what I think:
People just like to look, with all the technology these days people really don't have to even WALK. Hoverboards, etc. So over time you're just a couch potato who eats chips all day so you're all like: "Oh cool I dont have to press anything just look, like."

Theory 2:
Okay, So I study procrastination very carefully. And how? By testing it myself. Okay so people (50%) will be like "Oh, I have 2 more minutes until soccer practice i'll just whip up some drawing" But then, even when they dont have practice they keep doing it OVER AND OVER. And then low and behold, they become famous. So then those drawings get tons of likes. They're might be the new MagmaPOP project, but they are not famous so they get like 2 likes.

plz note that these are from my smol and not-functioning-after-school brain at work.


Coded projects get featured and drawings get trending


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There was actually a huge debate over this, with OrangeScent and LotsaPizza, @Rawrbear, and me. We got pretttyyy flamed-up, which is why we stopped it. :D


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Sorry I'm quite new.
May I ask what a flame war is?


Flame War: A flame war is when debating gets mean, people get angry and rude.


Yeah, I agree! But I'm saying I've made a topic like this before, so I don't think we need a new topic. :D



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