Coded oc!


Hey guys! I decided to post this because one, it’s past my bedtime, and two, I’m bored. I hope my project on Hopscotch @KittenArtist, of my coded OC, gets on featured. Or at LEAST Trending. I hope so. You guys should check it out.


Welcome to the forum!

Your OC looks great!
Why don’t you nominate it for featured here?



This is basically another gt so imma lounge it until you need it, k? Then you can recycle it


It’s not a gt and it’s not really nice to lounge it

It’s a topic to talk about a coded project which is fine


Well, yeah.
How about you make this a topic where you post all of your games, like I did!
Fearless is right kinda, the regulars are responsible for gritting their teeth and getting stuff right!


Hey can everyone try to get this project on featured? That would be really helpful :3


Idk, that’s the problem. You can’t really beg on features.
I mean, rising maybe.
I think it’s great tho!


Thanks! I was thinking if everyone tried to tell Hopscotch to put it in featured, it might work.


Awesome project. I followed you on Hopscotch (my name on there is the same as on the forum)