Coded OC Challenge! :)



Hey, I've seen lots of OCs on Hopscotch, so I want to host a contest on the best OCs. Btw, this has to be a brand new OC if you've already made one. So there are only ten spots, so get in quick!

  1. @friendship2468
  2. @Deadfr
  3. @Timelord007
  4. @Stick88

  5. 6.


Wow, I know, an OC challenge


I just made an OC about an hour ago! Want me to post it for you? Her name is Hermione-Ginerva!


I have a oc it's brand new and looking good HER name is Jikius Madelladon!


Sure @friendship2468, you can post it here's.


How long ago? Because it depends how long ago it was.


I didn't draw HER yet but I will!:sunglasses::wink:

Also @deadfr I think it needs to be a coded OC not drawn.


Oh like a few minutes when I was taking a bath thinking of OCS!:sunglasses:


It must be coded, not drawn. (Or is is drawn by leave a trail blocks)


Some1 tell me wtheck an oc is


An OC stands for original character in other words it means that you made it yourself and no one else did :D
It also means that you own the character


Can you do it by shapes? Like the hopscotch one! If you can't I'll just try somthing new like the leave a trails! Or code...


You can do shapes and leave a trails.


Does that mean I can do it with shapes?


Yes, @Deadfr you can.


Yayy yay yay wow woowowowo 202020020 really more descriptive


Oh and can I do it tomorow? I can't access my iPad right now!this is my computer


Sorry for da bad grammer!!!202020


Yep, shapes or leave a trails! Wow I'm watching every topic I go into.