Coded Hopscotch Story!



So I had this cool idea where we could do a movie but make it a story instead of it moving kinda like Tumble Books (if you don't know what that is, Look it up!)
Okay so I'm going to take a few people to help me I need 1 writer, 1 person to plan out the characters/code (Chillana,Cody,Bear. etc) and then I need one more person to revise,test,and other stuff
I will accept other people besides these to help with additional things that you want to add in
Have Fun!!!

Writer- @LotsaPizza -Eastern Time Zone
Code Manager- @Phase_Admin
Tester- @RubyStars
Musician- @Intellection74 -Central Time Zone
Backgrounds- @Pokemon101
Otherthingidontknow-@RubyWolf1 -Central Australian Time Zone


Can I please be the Code Manager? I love writing stories and coding! @Fifithefunnyflower


Can I Work On Backgrounds? :slightly_smiling:


Can I revise or test?


Can I write? Do I need to give a sample piece?


@RubyStars, YES
@Pokemon101, YES
@Phase_Admin, YES
@LotsaPizza, YES and sure if you want


Can I do something! This sounds cool!


@Fifithefunnyflower- YES!!!!!!!


Sure I can't come up with anything but yeah you can do something if you come up with something


When do you guys want to start?


Could I maybe do something?


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Around 3:00 PM, I Guess.


Yes you can


Thanks what can I do?


I don't really know


I know few of your time zones I only know LP's and RubyWolf's


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I'm in Central time zone.