Coded Art Competition!

Hello! Welcome to this competition topic thingy!
And sorry about the novel of a topic XD

How does this work?

How does this work?

So how this works is pretty similar to a sports tournament, such as the MLB World Series—
There’s at least 4 teams (or some higher even amount), and at least 3 games (more depending on the number of teams).

If we follow that rule, with 4 teams and 3 games…
Team A and Team B are in, say, the Left League, and Team C and Team D are in the Right League.
Team A and Team B face off against each other, and Team C and Team D do the same. The winners of those two matches advance to the finals in this hypothetical tournament. The winner of the finals wins the tournament and goes to Disneyworld.

(Ok why does that last paragraph sound like an algebra math problem to me)

About Teams

About Teams

Teams are comprised of 4 people— one mentor, and 3 coders. (Unless there’s not enough people, in which case that number of coders will change.)
The mentor isn’t allowed to code or draw, they just give advice and feedback on their team’s projects, and can suggest ideas.
The coders will code projects for the matches.

How are coders sorted onto teams?
The first 3 coders to join will be on Team 1. The next 3, Team 2, and so on.
But with mentors, the mentor can choose which team they want to mentor.
Also yes, teams can be named something other than Team A or Team B. The team gets to decide on their team name.

Each team can also have their own team topic to discuss their projects on. I’ll be making those once the team’s first match starts.

About Matches

About Matches

In each match, there will be a theme, such as Fall or Easter, a required number of team members that have to code it, and a type of coded art, that can be

  • trail art
  • shape art
  • pixel art
  • drawn art (drawn on a drawing pad the team codes)

The time the team has to code their project varies depending on the type of coded art and the number of team members that have to code it.

If I’ve got my algorithm correct, the number of matches is the number of teams minus one.



I and 3 other people will be judges.
If you want to be one, reply and ask to be one.
I’ll pick based on activity, not first askers, so there’s less of a chance of running into inactive-judge problems.

Why isn’t an “I’d like to be a judge” option in the interest poll?
Because I can’t make the option unable to select after 3 people have voted.

Judges will judge projects using the following rubric, 0 being the worst, 10 being the best.

said following rubric

Graphics: /10
Do the graphics’ colors clash? Or are they complimentary? A 10 means the graphics are really cool and well designed.

Originality Of Code: /10
Was it a pixel art method the team invented? Was the trail art trick made by someone else? A 10 means the code is 100% original code invented by the team during the match.

Buglessness: /10
Does the project have gaggles of glitches? Is it entirely bug-free? A 10 means the project is completely free of bugs.

I’ll make the judging topic when all the judges have been chosen.


Team names and winners will be filled in as the competition progresses.
Assuming I don’t forget about the bracket.

Matches will probably last about 4 days to 2 weeks, with judging taking 3 days.
Once 4 teams have formed, the first two matches will start.

The list of teams is in the next post, and the poll for joining is in the post after that.
Deadline to join is September 10th.

@ omtl



I’ll make the team topics when the teams’ first match starts.

Team 1 (FULL)

Mentor: @GweTV
Coders: @Nobody, @koletsgo, @William04GamerA

Team 2 (FULL)

Mentor: @ArcadeGrounds
Coders: @Eddie, @Four-ants, @Shadow_Spider

Team 3

Mentor: @FearlessPhoenix
Coders: @Bugsy345,

Team 4

Mentor: @Stylishpoopemoji33


Interest Poll

  • I’d like to join as a mentor!
  • I’d like to join as a coder!
  • Accidentally voted

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Aw I missed first reply

I’d like to be on team 1

And I and 3 other people will be judges sounds off. Maybe 4 People including myself will judge?

Like kol said good idea


This is a great idea!


Wow, this sounds amazing! I love making trail art and other kinds of coded art and would love to join this competition!


OwO what be that tankt

Tankt can Gwe be our mentor

Yes we have memes on our side


Yep Gwe’s your mentor and now your team’s full!

Should the teams create their own team discussion topics, or should I make them?


You make them


This seems super fun!
I’d love to be a mentor or coder (doesn’t really matter) but I miight not have time. I’ll be able to get back to you tomorrow if that’s ok. If I’m unable to participate , would I be able to help judge?

Edit: I’ll be able to mentor not be a coder. if you already have enough mentors, that’s ok and I can judge instead if you still have judge spots.


I’m not sure,
But if I were to join, I would be a coder!


Ooh can I join? I love coded art!


For the final team I can probably ask Ana to give out “Community Compet First Prize” badges and maybe even “Community Compet Participation” Badges to the people that participated.
If you want that, that is @tankt2016


May I be a judge? I’m very active and will do a good job at it!


@FearlessPhoenix sure you can be a mentor! And that would be great if you could ask Ana for the 1st prize/participant badges!
@Four-ants yep you can join! Would you like to be a coder or mentor?
@Cocoa_Viola maybe, once a few more people ask I’ll decide on the judges based on activity.


Thank you!
I’ll go ask rn :slight_smile:


Coder please :blush:


It’s @ DaMagicalFridge not @Dmf now btw :wink:


Oh forgot whoops,


Thank you, Tank!