Coded Art compared to Drawings (colors, differences, etc.)



This is a topic where you can compare your coded art on Hopsoctch to your or other's drawings!

In this topic, you can post your drawings, so that others can be inspired by them, and code them in Hopscotch!

It could also work the other way! If I made a cute new trail art of a monkey, it could inspire an artist to draw that!

This topic will compare and contrast coded art and drawings, and help people learn and become inspired from it!

Remember to stay on topic! Thanks:D

Dragon Draws! (For Drawing and coding dragons)

I like the idea!!
It is sort of a spin off of the Drawing Topic, right?


Yes, it is! We just saw so many AMAZING creations made through code there, we made a topic for it!


I know you're part of the Tapioca account and I now know you made that monkey. :D


Text art counts right? XD

Anyways, Hopscotch in Hopscotch! :D


Everyone knows. :laughing:

On that note, I think I may try to draw that! :D


Can anyone be in it???


At first, I thought you were trolling us with a picture of your profile. :laughing:

It's amazing! :D


This isn't s club, it's an open topic!

And @Gilbert189, I'm going to draw that! Who will pay attention to more detail and better quiz lite and who can do it quicker? Competition for fun?


Nah, but I'd love to see your drawing, when you finish! :D


I thought that was your profile!

#12 I got confused!


I don't make much trail art but idk
I'm pretty bad at it XD
I bet someone can draw a better potato than i can code


I definitely didn't photoshop that. XD

Jk. I didn't. The project should be coming out Wednesday or Thursday.


So basically we just do cool trail art?!!!!!?:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Well, you can compare any coded project to a drawing, or become inspired and draw or code the project or drawing! :D


Wow. I looked at that and I was like "why'd she show a pic of her empty drafts?" Until I realized that that is coded! I thought it was legit the draft screen.


COOL!THATS AWESOME!I can't believe it.DREAM COM TRUE...whispering


Your right!(I just forgot!stay on topic!)


Ok so, what do you guys think of this meme:

I coded it, and I think it's ok.

Any tips or ideas for my future trail art?