Coded Art! A Place to Share


I made this topic to share coded art! Like coded memes and diagrams like Snail anatomy. And general art like MP's Chibi Faces!

Art, share your creative imagination with art in this topic!

For example, like MP's chibi faces?


Yep! That's right!


Why hasn't this topic been used in a month? ;-;

I cri. ;-;

It's a awesome topic! :D

I have a coded art project in my drafts, I will publish it sometime soon, and if I remember, I will post it here! :D

I might publish it tomorrow, or the day after... :D
Or today! I'm not really sure... '^-^


Cool! How is the rabbit going? I don't mean to pester you :grin:


I forgot the :D :scream:


Good! :D

Sorry it's taking so long. '^-^


You forgot the :D?



:scream: Yes! I forgot it D:


How have I missed this topic?

I'm just gonna post some random coded art in a bit


I dun know


I'm not gonna forget now, I have bookmarked this >:3


Here is the pavilion so far :D

Any ideas?


That is awesome! :D


Thanks! Ideas? Please :D


Add benches and small clusters of grass and rocks, maybe?


It is a rabbit pavilion game :D I am not sure if that would fit....


Baskets full of eggs?
Grass shrubs?


Lots of vegetation on the grass part?


Ah! Cool! Thanks :D


Here is the new version! With Flowers and eggs in a basket!