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This topic is spam and should not be allowed on the forum.


Or in other words, you can post polls in the polls topic. Nobody really uses it anymore, but you could possibly revive it by posting


But I didn’t know I just joined the forum yesterday afternoon


I’ve Changed th topic are you happy now?


They’re new, don’t attack them over it

Nothing to do anything about you

Thx for it could we chat later @Mr.rex


I know which is why I’m just reminding you, I’m sorry if anything I said offended you,


But I was really really offended maybe I should delete my account.


No no no! You are a new user and this has happened with so many other people than you! I´m sure that @Yusamac205 or anyone else that posted here doesn´t want to offend you. Trust me.




Sorry, I did not mean to offend you. Sometimes, I am a little hasty when it comes to enforcing the rules. So many people on this forum have been breaking them on purpose you see.


Give me a good reason why I should forgive you??? :rage::triumph::angry:


because it’d be the kind thing to do.


Woah, I think I’m just going to back right out of here…


you are the ‘WarmheartedPrincess’, after all.


Fine! Fine. I declare a truce


Don’t act
Like me on hopscotch in year three.




I don’t understand. what do you mean