Code vs. Drawing


Hello. Now just vote. DO NOT POST ANYTHING! Please don't! Just vote.

Question: Should drawings be allowed on hopscotch?

  • YASS! Hopscotch should be ALL drawings, no code.
  • YASS! Hopscotch is for drawing!
  • Sure. But more drawings than code, but still some code.
  • Both equal amounts of code and drawings.
  • Sure, but more code than drawings, but still some drawings.
  • NOOO! Drawing is bad! Hopscotch is for code!
  • NOOO! Hopscotch is for ALL code, no drawings.
  • Don't care.


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Here is my opinion:
Drawing is awesome! It's always much better when you use your own draw pad, which adds some coding!
I really don't have an opinion on this, because if you draw and code, it brings out the awesomeness in hopscotch. Drawing make the project look fun, and @OrangeScent1 does a great job with drawing and coding along with @LotsaPizza!
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XD- I got that from F4LO. Did u vote yet?


Yes. I voted for equal code and drawings


I did the one right below you. :grinning:


I voted for more code than drawings but still some drawings


@OrangeScent1 I already voted :stuck_out_tongue: (On the poll I voted the fifth option)




Just went off this topic and voted both equal amounts of code and drawing


I already voted :confused:


A Happy Coder


I voted for a little more code than art, only because hopscotch was made for coding. If you made your own art pad, then draw all you want :wink:


I totally agree. Hopscotch is more meant for code but we can still do drawings :wink:


I agree with coding is meant for hopscotch: people were just saying art isn't good AT ALL :stuck_out_tongue: