Code Tips to help with a game?


I want to make a certain game. But I need your help. I will describe it, and you can question/help.

Main Idea

Pretty much what it is, it that you tilt you iPad side to side to move a basket. There are Berries falling from the sky and you need to collect them. You need to collect as many as you can in 5 minutes. The lower time you have left, the harder it is. Sometimes, a clock will fall. If you get the clock, 5 seconds will be added to your time left. Sometimes, a bomb will fall. If you catch that, you lose 5 seconds.

Main Code

You gain 15 points when getting a berry which is doing the "Raining" trick as I call it. Every time a clone is being made, it has 1 third percent chance to be a clock, 1 third to be a bomb, and 1 third to be a berry. The normal timing code. When a clock I hits the basket the clock increases the time by 5. Bomb does opposite.


For the main code, I would make it out of 5. As in, 3/5 chance of a berry, 1/5 for a clock, and 1/5 for a bomb


My tips:
Whenever I make a game, I always create these abilities.
-Invisibility (set invisibility to 100)
-vis(set invisibility to 0)
-VisUp (visibility gradually going up)
-vis down (vis versa of VisUp)

Game Tip:
Science this game has been created a lot, I have an idea that will make your project unique.
A Shop.
It might sound not that much, but it helps.
By making a shop (more lives and stuff)
The player will be able to play more games and buy upgrades.

I hope this helps!:wink: