Code something you never coded before! (CHALLENGE)



Hey guys, I have a challenge for all of you, and it is too... Code something you never coded before! I am doing that, (It's pixel art, I haven't done it since January 2015. I am making a pixel puppy, it took me several minutes to make a puppy ear xD)

Please comment and say what you are gonna make for the challenge :slightly_smiling: You can even dare others to do this! The reason I made this challenge is so people get to learn how to code a bunch of different things.

Have fun!


edit: in the first few comments, there was some commotion. Please do not reply there unless you promise to delete it after I read it.


I'm coding a quiz now! I don't normally do that, and its harder than I originally thought it would be.


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Sorry @seawolfwerehorse. I probably saw your topic earlier, but I just began my quiz yesterday.


This is very ironic because I was just making something I've never coded before. See my topic about my Harry Potter quiz! I have only made an Impossible Quiz before, so looks like we're both trying something new.


This looks really cool and I want to do it but idk what to make?


well, think of something you never did in hopscotch


I'm moving on to being a non-remixer and I'm trying to come up with my own ideas. I'm so excited!


Cool! you can look in Trending for some inspiration!


Also, can I change your title from "u" to "you?" That kind of bugs me....


Anyone else wanna try?


@Kiwicute2016 why are you liking my posts on here? LOL


That's because she thinks it's a good idea! :wink:


ok! I think I tagged you.... what are you gonna do for the challenge?


I don't know, I've done everything already! :laughing:


Have you done pixel art...................?


Yep! :yum:


then you should try doing it! there is a video on how to make pixel art!