Code requests for Purple artist 🎨?



Any code requests? IDK know what to do. I’m bored


Make a game where you have to dig in the ground.


Make a game where you shoot at moving targets.


I tried that. My I didn’t publish it because it was an epic failure


How about something that promotes equality and kindness? Like a trail art, game, or…?


Cool! I think I’ll do a trail art and a quote


Does anyone know why we can’t do stuff? Or is it just me?


Congrats on first post after the break thingy!




It was super know. All I did was try it again many times and then after 7 it let me.


I got it to work! Here it is:


I made another version of it.


Doesnt work :confused:


What do you mean? Is there a glitch with hopscotch or something?


Oh my god. I tried it. Your right. It said it didn’t work and that I should email the hopscotch team


Same :confused: :confused: :confused:


Any code requests? Plz, we’re very bored here.