⚠️Code Red Warning⚠️



Hey there! What's up? I'm here to talk about deleted drafts. As you saw in the title, it's code red. I'm going to try to stay calm, but I do realize that you might be panicking as you read this.
So... Let's start.
There is a nasty bug in hopscotch right now, that completely clears out the code in a project. We'll refer to it as "the :bug:".
Like a disease, you want to avoid this bug every way possible.

What is it?

It's a bug that deletes all the code in a project, leaving nothing behind. Not even a speck.

When does it happen?

When it happens.

How do I prevent it?

Fairly simple. As a person that makes music a lot, I have noticed a pattern. Whenever you are working on music, and you click on a note in the editor, can't hear it (with volume on) exit out of the project. It should look something like this


If you don't have this screen, everything is normal.

Double click the home button, swipe up the app, and re open it. This is critical.

If you click on the project, a project like this

will turn into this

Moral? Don't click! If you do, then you lose everything. :persevere:

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Once I was making music and I stopped hearing it. Actually not once, a lot of times! I just exit out and come back in then some of the code is lost. But it's better than nothing, because if I had kept working on it even more code would get lost!

Thanks for warning us. Nice topic.


Awesome topic, @Follow4LikesOfficial!
Thank you for warning us. :D

@SmileyAlyssa Something like that happened to me too!
Except... All of my music was lost. ;-;


The moment you stop hearing the music, refresh. If you go on, the data will be unsaved.
Happens to me like 3 times in an hour lol


Yeah! I couldn't even finish Twinkle Little Star music (that was back in October XD) because it kept doing that! It was rediculous.


Thanks for the warning, @Follow4LikesOfficial I appreciate you trying to keep the forums safe! ^_^


That happened to me, and I lost my entire pixel art project. Although I had messed it up already, it was a little annoying since now I have to start from scratch again.


Can you just upload your drafts?


It happens when you're online too


How can you tell it's happening if it's not a music project?


I honestly don't have a clue XD
I'm a music guy, and literally all my projects have music in em


Now I'm scared.. I have some big project in my drafts rn and I don't want to lose them..


I had a giant project deleted because of this app ;-;


It doesn't really happen on a daily basis, I think it's only for music. Not sure tho


:0 what was it? What was the name? I'm so sorry this happened!


You're correct. It's the music. :wink:


It was an Undertale game over screen. It had one of the best songs I've ever composed on it. :\


Was it this glitch?


Thank you for warning us! @Follow4LikesOfficial because I didn't know!!


Thank you for the warning! :wink::notes: