Code only happens once? (Solved; had to do with Scroll code)


Hi. This code works once, but trying again it fails.

Screenshot of broken code:

Screenshots of all code:



Scroll x sounds like a napkin brand

Clean with scrollex tm


How are you able to make this topic 10x better with one post?


I didn't I don't like hopscotch bye

Should I mute this no that's to extreme k bye


Give me a bit to look through your code and understand everything.


Maybe try When Scroll X ≥ 862? (When Scroll X > 862 or Scroll X = 862)

Do you think you could explain what you want to happen? :blush:


That should work.

Basically, I want Scroll to change, yet it doesn't the second time around.


It works. Hehe. @ThinBuffalo it works now. I think I see why it didn't work before.