Code/make a collab for others!


So, many people are making collabs for other people! (I'm making one for @Bananadog!) not everyone has gotten a collab made for them! (Including me) I know I would be happy with even just a small project collab for me or something. (I'm not saying you have to do anything for me!)

So here, code small projects for smaller hopscotchers who don't have a collab for them! You can make smaller projects, or make a actual collab for people!

If you want to make a collab for someone, you can do it in your own topic! Here, just post small projects and ask people if they want to start a collab, or etc.

Code away!


First reply!
Great idea! I really think the smaller Hops should have notice too!


Agreed! I may code some stuff for people later!


I'm going to do @MobCraft


Oh I know right, all me Frens have mega Collabs for them ;-;


Awesome topic here's a like :hearts: and le XD


Good topic! I might make a smol project for Pingy because I'm too lazy to set up Collabs XD But chu guise can make a collab for me :D that would be awesome lol