Code Idea Suggestions and Fun Talk! ;-;


Hello Everybody! So right now I have been absolutely brain dead about code idea topics. So I have come here for help! Last time a while ago I asked for help on a project I made. After the helpful ■■■■■■■■ it got featured, so I knew that young guys could probably help me more. I’ve had a few ideas but I do t really want to start anything that I’m not going to finish. Here are my ideas and you guys can vote which one you like and you can even make up your own idea (nothing too difficult because I am still learning XD) Here are my ideas and tell me if you want to work together for a collab.

  1. This wouldn’t be really a game or serious code but something that would raise awareness and tell people about statistics. Yesterday I saw a poster which I took a pic of that showed what everything would be like If earth on,y had 100 people. It was like 50 male and 50 woman and like 20percent of them would be aamerican and I thought it was cool. So I was thinking to copy that into a game with a cool creative design.

  2. If you have seen my profile I made a create a flower game that got a great response from the community! I was thinking the same thing where you pick you colors with this really cool star code I made! The revival of the color making game!!!

  3. Something else that you guys can suggest with a topic.
    (Comment with if you want to do collab too.)

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Cool that’s awesome first


Oops forgot poll!

  • 100 People Project!
  • Make A Star! (With colors)
  • New Idea!
  • Uhhhh, nothing :confused:

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If you put a new idea with my poll plz put your idea! I’ll be glad to hear it!


Are you back? You should really try to get your Trail art club back on track! I’ve tried, but it’s hard, sorry.