Code For Ukraine

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The Code For Ukraine challenge! Many people know that Ukraine is being threatened by Russia (although I’m not sure why) and may Ukrainians have had to travel far away. This is a very sad reality and figured we could cheer them on! :fist::fist::v::v:

Thus the creation of this topic, the Code For Ukraine challenge. If you want to participate, all you have to do is code a project that helps support and/or encourage to spread awareness about Ukraine and put #CFU in the title.

Here are some project examples:

Ukraine flag trail art
Ukraine platformer (idk)
Interactive facts and/or awareness quotes?
Sorry I don’t have manny examples ;(

Happy coding!


This is very cool, and I’ll definitely code something when I get a chance.

Just a general reminder to keep things forum friendly :)) Showing support is always great, just remember to stay away from discussing things in detail as some aspects may be a little scary for younger hops and are off topic

This is my project! It’s currently in the filter because of my use of images for the shadow.


Whoa! This is nice! I cannot guarantee a project, but maybe if I have time I will make something :grin:


Update: it’s now approved!

(nice topic btw!)




Um, when will this end?

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