Code disappearing. Help?


Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

**Your username:**I Shall Not Be Named

**What kind of device are you using?:**iPad

1 sentence description of the problem (I was coding trail art and exited the app, and then the work I’d done was gone, the draft reset itself to how it was before the last two hours):

Steps to make the problem happen:

  1. Idk, but Hotpinkmoonbæm may know, It happened to her/him, too.


I expected this to happen:
The draft would be the way I’d coded it last.
But instead this happened:
It reset to before the code was done.
Here’s a sweet screenshot:
I don’t have one, everything looks the same, even the thumbnail was the same until I played it and the code was undone.


Double click and swipe?


Same for me Senpai but I got it back on my other phone


The same thing happened to me, except with a crashing bug :cold_sweat: I just emailed @Liza about it.


I think this happened to Madi too, with her Halloween project. Liza said they're working on fixing it.


Yeah, this has been happening a lot since the latest update :worried:


Something weird is happening where my code disappears too. Also, I can't move blocks? I don't know why...


Oh, me too! It also happens at other times. It happens more often.


There it goes again. It happened to me yesterday, but I found out now. :(


It has occurred again. I thought one of the previous updates fixed it, but here it goes again. :(
All the previous ones, I think, were fixed and the code was back, but it happened again.


I thought it was fixed again, but there it goes.
I lost some (a lot of) code recently on my "Sniper Game WIP" draft.


Oh no! Did you upload your drafts if you logged out.
Perhaps email THT with the details and they may be able to help.


I did log out, but I uploaded everything and double checked quite a few times.
I should probably email them, thanks for reminding me.