Code Block Requests!


What colours???


Eh, idk up to you I guess XD


Hi @randomowlsLC! I didn't know you were here! You are an amazing coder! Now let's get back on topic :slightly_smiling:


username: RubyWolf☆

Block Colour: any blue
(Can be HSB, if so provide HSB)

Text Colour: white
(Can be HSB, if so provide HSB)

Text Boxes: no
(Yes or No)

Quote or Code: Quote- Good things take time or Always be positive! :smile:


:D Hello!


Thank chu!!! I just joined like a month ago! XD


Then why haven't you replied :P


I haven't welcomed you so a late welcome to the forum!


Idk I didn't know what to do :stuck_out_tongue: until now. It's like the first time I've ever joined a forum XD


Here ya go: Forum Tutorial


@RenegadeBird1 and @randomowlsLC , @hansonnoah and @LWeird joined this week. :stuck_out_tongue: who's next


It's done!


Yay! I'm gonna go see it, C-ya and thank you!


I made yours!


Thanks I'm going to see it now


It's great thank you @AHappyCoder!


These are super cool!


User: FruityMilkshake❤︎

Quote: this is one small step for a man , one giant leap for a man kind -Neil Armstrong
Block color:light blue
Letter color: white