Code-a-Pet! (official!)

So recently I've been seeing lots of topics having to do with pets, (or animals,) and I think we should have a topic just for them! Here, you can:

  • Share photos of your pet
  • share coding ideas (to code your pet)
  • talk to other dog, cat, (etc.) lovers about their pets, (and yours)
  • discuss the challenges

and much more!

Now you may be thinking, "What challenges?", and I have an answer for you!

Every month I will post a coding or drawing challenge that has to do with your pet/s.

You have the option to do it, or skip it! This isn't a club, so you don't have to fill out a form, or anything like that!

Now you're probably thinking, "What if I don't have a pet, but I want to do the challenges!" You can join, but use a different type of "pet." Do any of your relatives have pets? (Your grandparents, cousins, etc.) If so, just use their pet (if they have one), for the challenges!

When you publish the challenge project on Hopscotch, be sure to title it "Code-a-Pet month _" <— that blank space is where you put the number of which month you are publishing this challenge in!

For example, let's say it's month 3, and the challenge was to draw your pet. You would title your project: "Code-a-Pet month 3!"

Credit to @bluedogmc-official!

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me! :D



I don't have a pet...
First reply and like :D!


That's okay, did you read the part that explains what to do if you don't have a pet? :D



I have a fish.... Called Fred..... Lol XD


Awesome! :D

This months challenge:

Make a pixel art of your pet, in your favorite color!

Due January 23 (if you're doing it!)


I don't have a pet, I think I'll pass! Also, what makes this official? I'm just wondering? :slight_smile:


It's sort of the "official" topic, I guess.

If someone ever makes a new one, or if this one runs out of replies or something, people will know that this is was the first one made, or the "official" topic. (;


I have a dog! Here she is:

Her name is Dixie and she hates being in the public eye… :D she’s also overly friendly. So, sometimes other dogs get annoyed at her for that.

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Do you think you will do this months challenge? ;D

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Uhh... I have no idea how to do pixel art... and I won't always have access to Hopscotch. I can try, but it will be hard. :D

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I just made a topic called code-a-dog lol


Oops, I almost forgot to give credit to you! :0

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Nah it's ok I was just pointing it out :joy::joy:

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"Share photos of your pet". That Might Be Against The Rules A Little. But I Won't Report, Because Everything Else Will Work Out Fine. :slight_smile:

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I don't have a pet, but I could do my grandmas pet

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I love this idea @BerryFOX!

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I'm sorry, I can take it off if you want,, but I often see a lot of people posting pictures of their pets, so I thought it was okay. :D

It's Fine. :slight_smile:

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Okay,, thank you! :)

U r allowed to post pictures of a pet

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