Clubs in Hopscotch



So I've noticed a lot of "clubs" in the Hopscotch Forum. Why do people make those? I find them kind of exclusive. Especially
That is a little like: "You don't have good enough grammar" or "You need at least 10 likes" Sad. I get it if people make one for a group working on a project together, that's fine, as long as they are open to new members. I feel like people should use the forum for what it is for: Discussing problems and asking questions. If you want to give some kind of challenge like "what kind of levels can you make by remixing my project," that's fine because everyone can do it. If "Don't be exclusive" isn't on the "How to Be Awsome" List, then it should. Because we are all coders, we all use Hopscotch, and we all have something to say. So try to think before you make you next project: Does it leave people out? Is it about what the hopscotch forum is meant for?


So do you guys agree, or should clubs continue?


I think clubs are awesome I have a sims club and just without the forum would be

Uhhh so what do you want to talk about

Oh bullyingg hackers ohhh!


I feel like some clubs shouldn't have been created, though.


Like what?????????????


i think those clubs are good I made a poll please vote




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The cat club lets anyone join! I feel that this is stereotypical because not all clubs are like that


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Thank you so much!:blush: Cause I do bet a lot of people do get left out!


I agree, but if a club is open to new members, and is appropriate, I'm fine with it.


I see what you're saying. I think clubs/collabs/companies are okay in general. I'm pretty sure @Rawrbear didn't mean for Mature Collab to be exclusive. He just wanted good grammar. If you don't fit the requirements for a club you want to join, I think it provides more motivation to get better.


Thanks for saying that for me!


I don't really think is needed for that. That did pretty much say that only people who take the time ti create the grammar and you must be noticed by the Hopscotch community. I feel like there could have been a topic about getting people to have better, but not a club for people with likes.


Omg ugh I just don't like clubs. Because almost every art club I attempt to join, they never respond. I cri everyteim.


That's what I'm saying! Most clubs are pretty exclusive or pointless.


I also hate clubs that sag you need to be 10+. Because that's really unfair to me and all of the other people in the forum who aren't 10+ years old :confused:


Like I said, Exclusive. Or maybe not age, but 10+ likes on a project, which also isn't fair.


I think a lot of clubs are fine, many of them are free for all or have a requirement like trying to do most challenges etc. Otherwise, if they have a requirement that you think is not necessary or leaving out many hopscotchers. Maybe just give a friendly reminder to the creators of the club. We don't want any fighting so when you are pointing out things about somebody's club or post think about their side of things and maybe agree on a solution or compromise :wink:
But if it is excluding most others or is rude in any way contact somebody responsible. Example: The Hopscotch Team