Club Random :000


By random I mean random hopscotch things

Ladies and gents
Boys and girls

Hops and... Other hops?
Yeah. Yeah that sounds about right.






Crickets chirp

K. So first things first-

Me: Huh?
Me: With... What?
You: You know what you did.
Me: Start a club?
You: Yes, but not just that!
Me: Uhh...
You: We all know you'll just throw this topic out like all of your other topics. You lure people in to break their hearts and say OOPS THIS IS OVER NOW UH OH SORRY EVERYONE WHO WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS
Me: I don't know what you're talking about..
You: You have a school, you said that you'd only focus on "ONE THING" at a time! BUT NO! Look at you, starting a club.
You: NO! It's too late now. Do you even *Sniff know how many dreams are being crushed by you right now?
Me: Just let me talk please
You: *Cries louder
Me: *Mutes
Me: Ok. School was supposed to start tomorrow BUT we didn't get enough teachers and I couldn't handle the responsibility. Another reason is not that many people signed up so I just couldn't. Instead I made this club. What do you have to say now? *Unmutes
You: You're just going to abandon this too.
Me: No i'm not
You: Yes you are
Me: No. I'm not.
You: You just want to be super awesome. But you're not. You keep trying to make things (clubs schools competitions etc) to get people to like you and think you're cool.
Me: Ok. That's enough. If you don't want to join just leave.
You: Maybe I will.

(BTW "You" is not you)

There will be mini challenges, and stuff, and other things that are random but hopscotch related.


You gain ranks and earn points to win awesome prizes (Woah)

But wait, there's more. Actually. No there isn't. Well there is, but.. Just keep reading.

Things we do

Pronounciation Bees
Design Contests
Drawing Challenges
Fun Polls
Coding Competitions
Help Eachother
Rap Battle
Story Contests
Song Writing
TV Shows

And you do not have to participate in these, but you can earn points and stuff by doing them.

Ranks (Highest to Lowest)

Alpha: @Bubbles4Ever929
Newbie: @Zachyswag @Hermione @WasIdealessHere @Himynameismeredith1 @Sensei_Coder @AwesomeNachos @CodePerfect @FruityMilkshake @BaconStudios @Trendygirl @BellaWafflez17 @Rawrbear

About the Ranks (Lowest to Highest)

Newbie: Can earn points and join activities

To get to member: Go through initiation

Member: Can earn points, suggest things, join activities, and join events
Skilled: Same as member

From this line they can do everything the past rank can do but it only lists pluses for that rank

Pro: Gains access to Pro+ things in the shop
VIP: Gains access to VIP areas during events and sneak previews of things
Assistant: Helps upper ranks make decisions
Co-Alpha: The alpha's second in command

What's Cool about it

VIP: Any rank can be added to the VIP list, as long as they have enough rubies points.

Co-Alpha: There is an annual election to see who becomes the Co-Alpha

The Election

Q: How can I run?
A: Anyone can run, if you don't want to run tell me in advance before I start posting polls

Q: How do I vote?
A: When it comes time, I will post a poll and then you vote.


@Zachyswag - 0
@Hermione - 0
@WasIdealessHere - 0
@Himynameismeredith1 - 0
@AwesomeNachos - 0
@CodePerfect - 0
@FruityMilkshake - 0
@BaconStudios - 0
@Trendygirl - 0
@BellaWafflez17 - 0
@Rawrbear - 0

Trade in the Shoppe

You can put stuff up for sale in the Shoppe (likes, a project, a drawing, a story, a song, etc) and if someone buys it instead of them just losing points the seller gets the points. EXAMPLE:

Bob: Hey @Bubbles4Ever929 I'd like to sell 20 likes for 10 points
Me: K I'll put it up
a while later
Billy: Oooh! 20 likes for only 10 points? What a bargain! @Bubbles4Ever929 may I please purchase this item being sold by Bob?
Me: Of course! *Adds points to Bob, removes points from Billy, and adds pending to the sale
Me: @ Bob your 20 likes have been sold give him the likes and let me know
a while later
Bob: @Bubbles4Ever929 I'm done!
Me: Great *Removes sale from Shoppe


Skilled - 25 points
Pro - 50 points
Assistant - 200 points

VIP - 150 points

Pro+ Section (Pro and up)
Meme-ify (Post picture and I turn it into a meme) - 25 points
Waoh (2 likes on any project and you go in the hall of fame) - 500 points

Seller: @WasIdealessHere Item: 15 likes Price: 5 points
Seller: @Himynameismeredith1 Item: 20 likes Price: 10 points
Seller: @Hermione Item: 5 follows Price: 25 points
Seller: @BaconStudios Item: 30 likes Price: 40 points
Seller: @Rawrbear Item: Spam likes until likes run out, spam likes on hopscotch, a follow Price: 80 points
Seller: @BaconStudios Item: 45 likes Price: 50 points

Hall of Fame


Why in the hall of fame: First to join
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Color: Red
Description: Zachyswag
Current status: Online

Current mood: Confused

On the HS app I am Zachyswag:P


Hi! I'm Zach! I'm weird! Nice to meet you! I love apple! My long term goal on the HSF is to be leader. (Not like I'll ever get it with only staff being leader) I will always miss the people who made me smile. They have left.

Trending: 0
Rising: 0
Featured: 0
Game changers: 0
(And yet I've been using hopscotch for a year...)

Activities going on


Events Coming Soon


I Need


Hopscotch Username:
Forum Username:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Color:
About yourself:






Can I join?


Awesome topic! I'd like to join but I'm not that great at committing to stuff right now... :P



(play while reading)

You are the first person to join Club Random and you are now being put into the HALL OF FAME!! :00000


Um. I have no idea what the hall of fame is... but...



Can you turn on global edit so I can put my name in?


I just added it :D


What is the hall of fame anyways? Just a place where the coolest, and best people are?!


@Bubbles4Ever929 maybe you could try to get a vice president of the club to manage things while you are gone. :smiley: Just an idea, because you can't be on the forum 24/7 (or can you....xD).


I'll join
HS username: SmileyStars or SmilingStudios
Forum: @Hermione
Food: Pizza
Color: purple
About me:
I am a girl and I'm 10 I come from Japan but I am learning English I've had a feature and 2 trending....


If you do, can I be Vice President?


If you do something AWESOME

Like buy the waoh from the store, be the first person to join, and all co-alphas

Then you go in the hall of fame


Ahem... I am awesome!


Thx, I hope you don't mind I'm going to make this the suggestion box.

Put suggestions beneath the line

project idea
A game - Winter related - @Hermione
activity idea
Drawing races–like me and Shive's race to draw a carrot-flavored waffle :3 ~BellaWaff


That's pretty much the Co-Alpha, but we won't have one until a while.

I can handle it until then.


:frowning: I wanna be co-alpha


Me too !

Ooh by the way what is initiation


I'm actually still figuring that out. But it'll probably be to get top 3 in an activity


Oh I'm active...