CLPD’s Trail Art Requests!

This shop/request/currency is started by me (@Cutelittlepuppydog) and everything is handled by me, not Hopscotch. You can find other similar self-started events in the #shops-and-requests or #competitions-and-events categories, or even start one yourself. Because this is started by me, Hopscotch and the forum leaders are not involved or responsible in any of the transactions here.

Welcome to my trail art commisions!

Hey there! Welcome to my commision center! I love coding trail arts, and think it’s time to do commisions!

Here’s some of my work:

My previous trail arts

Tea-Rex trail art! #art by Cutelittlepuppydog🐕

Happy Birthday, FearlessPhoenix!!! by Cutelittlepuppydog🐕

Top Planter badge (trail art) by Cutelittlepuppydog🐕

These, of course, are the better ones, but I have some trail arts that are simply :sparkles: chaos :sparkles:

such as…

My previous weird trail arts

Baguette 🥖 for Lavender Aura (trail art) by Cutelittlepuppydog🐕

The Almighty Potato by Cutelittlepuppydog🐕

AvoCATdo! by Cutelittlepuppydog🐕

So just request whatever you want, I won’t ask any questions (unless, of course, it violates the community guidelines), and I definitely won’t judge you. Who knows, you may even make it onto the weird trail arts list :stuck_out_tongue:


The pricing depends on how complicated the trail art is.

I have included a reccomended complexity level in the request form. If you want the trail art to be, say, simple, and you have stated that, but I think it would be better suited as complex due to the amout of detail, I will tell you and we can work something out.

Trail art complexity examples
Simple trail art

Owl trail art & announcement by Cutelittlepuppydog🐕

Medium trail art

Top Planter badge (trail art) by Cutelittlepuppydog🐕

Complex trail art

Tea-Rex trail art! #art by Cutelittlepuppydog🐕

Any seed devs willing to help with transactions will get one free request!

And of course, if you can’t pay in seeds, you can give twice the amount of seeds in spamlikes.

Simple trail arts Medium trail arts Complex trail arts
5 seeds 10 seeds 20 seeds

Deadlines & Timing

I will try my hardest to get your trail arts to you by two weeks, but ofc if I can’t due to life stuff, you’ll get a 20% off discount :)
As for payments, I’d like the seeds/spamlikes done by about a week after the project is finished :)

The request form

What is it?
Any specific RGB/HSB colors? If not, just give general colors (red, blue, etc.)
Describe it in detail:
Complexity Level:

If the form isn’t detailed enough, I may not accept the request, so gimme all the details!

And that’s that! I’m really excited to get started on this!


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@Dragongirl1264 and @DaughterOfHecate ima pause this for a lil, so you guys get discounts ofc it just may take a lil time


No worries&!