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Titles are special treats. They aren't really given out anymore


What Is A Leader? Is That Code Word For Something?


I am sorry!

I was just trying to protect my saftey


Leader is a trust level on the forums. Only the Hopscotch Team can make people leaders


@Maltese Do You Remember Me? I Am A Really Big Fan!


Of course I remember you! XD :smile:

Aww, thank you!


May We Please Be Friends?


20 Characters 20 Characters


Yes, definitely! That would be so awesome. :D


What Is A Trust Level?


Try this trick to get pass the 20 character rule:

<20 characters>



A trust level is... a trust level XD

They're different ranks on the forum!

I'm a regular, and there were lots of requirements to be one.

Click on the link @MR.GAM3R posted and you can learn more about them!




I don't think numbers work, though. Just put some random letters


@Maltese @MR.GAM3R @huggingfluffybear Can You Guys Fill Out A Special Form So I Can Know You Better?


Hi! Can we be friends?

You seem to have learned quickly even though you are new!

Also, what's your hopscotch username? I want to follow you!


I Deleted Hopscotch A While Ago And I Looked At This Forum Tutorial, And These Friends Have Helped Me!




Sure! You can learn more about me by clicking my profile picture, then clicking again to go to my bio if you want.