ClownPig’s Project Updates

this is my project updates topic, where I will be posting updates to my future and current projects! enter the poll below to lmk if you want to be tagged, and if so, for what! if you are in my tag list, sometimes ill tag you for updates!

updates to current projects, updates to drafts, future releases, public/private beta testing, bug reports will all be shared here

i might update food empire a bit more soon, i might keep on updating my agar io recreation. my easter game is going really well and is being worked on constantly. also, im working on some games over the summer!

some projects might get updated a little slower and im currently working with @Rapterdragon_83 on some projects!

want to know when I make cool updates?

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why stay updated?

so you know when some cool games are getting released, sometimes I’ll make some early features and beta tester perks for games!

stay tuned!

@omtl, @the_clowns

Disclaimer, you will be tagged if you enter the poll for updates, once you enter it but you don’t want to be tagged, please reply saying so.


Minor Update

BETA v0.1a

I have added…

  • a stats bar
    shows your customer wait time
    shows money per customer
    money + username

  • cleaned up the store Transition

  • cleaned up lag from clones

  • improved button layout

next thing to look out for…

  • upgrades menu/bar
  • store update
  • possible achievements, if I’m feeling adventurous

what I’m asking from you guys…

if you’re not too busy, could you guys give me layout ideas for the upgrades menu? for any help provided, will give you credit in the game ( well shown ) and a medium ad ( depends on the amount of help given )

could you guys also tell me if you experienced any bugs?

sorry for doubletag


Food Empire v1.0a

Major Design Update

i made a new cleaner, bird-eye view design for the project, it consists of a path for the customers - and eventually cars and trucks - to walk or drive on. I also added a counter for the original food stand idea for the first food upgrade. and for the customers and the sellers (you) they have a variety of skin tones ( randomized ). and an animation for the customer when it comes up to buy.


  • new design
  • food stand ( level 1 )
  • customers - variety of skin tones
  • customer animations

Next Update

  • more in-depth BG
  • a stats bar at the top
  • maybe an upgrade menu layout

Expect Soon

  • Shop
  • Achievements / Goals
  • Upgrades

can I have some feedback on the project?


@KingGuin87 @MarkerGames @Octo-Pi @Limon @Dragongirl1264 @Bluvi @C.H.Rissole @moocow


@Tri-Angle, do you have any feedback regarding the new update (v1.0a)?


any feedback?


Can’t play it, since the hopscotch tool doesn’t work for me.


It looks pretty good, but it looks pretty complicated.

It would be better if you add a tutorial.


like a tutorial at the beginning?




should the text be a typewriter or fade in function?


I like typewriter the most, but others could have different feedback, so maybe you could create a poll?


ok, thanks for the feedback! I’ll add your name in the credits, and I’ll add a tutorial. @Pollpeople, here’s a sweet poll.

what text function is better for a tutorial, and pleasing to the eye?
  • typewriter
  • fade in
  • regular text

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fade in typewriter thats aligned to the left


I don’t think I can do that, but I’ll try in a draft


i made this in the past :)


The annoying thing you’ll notice when using a typewriter effect in Hopscotch is that it seems to reposition the entire text instead of adding a new letter. I still prefer a typewriter effect as its still more smooth but Tri-Angle’s typewriter effect is really nice and doesn’t get affected by this.

Also can you manually slow down the typewriter effect you made Tri-Angle? I’ll look in the code to see real quick and ik this was intended to happen but its a little fast for me lol

My favorite speed is when it types as fast as I read, but everyone reads at different speeds which is the problem… that’s why the text is cooking creatures is so slow


ok, thanks. Tri-Angle’s method is probably something I won’t be able to understand. but I’ll try my best. if I can’t figure it out, I’ll use an efficient typewriter I made myself.

yes, that is really annoying. but I’ve made a semi-difficult method that avoids that entirely, while being smooth.

I’ll see if I can implement a fade feature into the typewriter, so it doesn’t look blocky.



Added tutorial, and fixed minor bugs. I didn’t add a fade typewriter, but I added a regular one with fade at the end. @KingGuin87 @Tri-Angle

  • Good!
  • Bad
  • Suggestion ( reply below )

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@KingGuin87 @MarkerGames @Octo-Pi @Limon @Dragongirl1264 @Bluvi @C.H.Rissole @moocow @SEPIA



The type writer is pretty slow, I think it should be sped up a bit.


Ok, I’ll try that


Is this faster @StarlightStudios? (I’m outta likes :(()

Also, do you think the tutorial is informative enough, and are the transitions good or should I change them?