Cloud Data in Hopscotch?



So I was just exploring Scratch a bit, and, was realising, that using “cloud data” variables you can make multiplayer games on Scratch! Yes, I know I have made an article like this in the past and the answers were that it would clog the servers or something. But, this won’t take up any space on the hopscotch servers because the variables will be stored on your cloud! Obviously, this should come with rules, like no chat rooms, and more… Anyways, please put your advice on this.

  • Why on earth would they add this!?
  • Bad idea.
  • I don’t think they should add it.
  • I have no strong opinion.
  • Maybe they should add it
  • Good idea
  • They should add this

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What are Cloud variables?

Cloud variables are a type of variables on Scratch that allow you to store a variable on your cloud, making it, in some way, possible to make multiplayer games and to save progress on games you played.

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That’s a good idea I think, but savecodes were invented (unfortunately people can hack those) but this would be an easier way for multiplayer. But how would THT do it?


I don’t know but I’m sure they could find a way


Probably the same way they store drafts to your cloud when you log out


That would be really awesome!


SBYP. There are about a dozen more topics addressing the same thing.


What does SBYP mean?


It stands for search before you post!

And I think this would be a nice feature to have on hopscotch!


I was just talking about this the other day :slight_smile:

Heck yeah dude I would love online


That would be amazing!


This has been suggested before and it would definitely be mind-blowing.


I would LOVE it if this happened.


I have emailed the team and they are talking about it. Y’all could try emailing as well


What do u mean by “multiplayer” So you could see things in game that others are doing?


I have done that and no message back


Who did you email and what was the subject line?


I resent it a few minutes ago instead to Liza but To hopscotch team and they emailed me back (Here is what I sent)
Block Ideas

It would be good if games could have a Save Variable Block, consider the following…

When Game Starts (

Set (Test) to (15)

Save (Test)


I have worked with some HTML and there was something about localStorage and that could be plugged in to use of hopscotchers using it.

A Delete Clone Block could be added too, again, consider the following…

When Game Starts (

Repeat times (10) (

Create a Clone


Delete Clone #(3)

This would change total clones to 10 and for example Clone #4 would turn into Clone #3 however Clone #1 and #2 would stay the same. I have seen this in some projects, but those projects used Json instead everyone should be able to reach it easily


Yes, if you can figure it out. It seems like a fun challenge and I would love to see this added.


Great thinking!

Btw, chat isn’t possible-- at least, not directly. Variables in HS can only store numbers