Closing this topic [FOREVER] Dun Dun Dunnn


I closed this topic as there too many problems for me to explain how to fix police chase on featured.
End of story


Wut da heck?
Dunno wut is happening here :3


Wat? Wat? Wat? Zis is a weird topic.


Why dont YOU make it better.?




I listed the reasons why police chase lagged so much and offered solutions on how to make sensors and avoid having to detect the massive track sprite that was causing massive lag.
I then checked more of the games code and saw the whole game would need a remake to get running quickly and accurate.
So i gave up trying to explain


I don't have a subscription.
I'm not criticizing, i made a topic to show how to use alot less sprites/text to get a solid object to detect and help avoid lag.
I like your circle sensors for turning, its just the touches code thats causing lag.


It lags because I use pictures :wink: if you not use pic you don't know how to make the code for pictures. You can do the code in 100 ways, I use this but still your welcome to make it better ;-p


Wait, what happened?


Drama alert is needed



Closing what topic? I have NU idea what ur talking about :T


I've coded and used pics in way more advanced programs than Hopscotch.
I closed this topic as i can't remix your project and show you an alternative way to speed up your police chase game.
Wishing you all the best for the future.