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Continuing the discussion from The MagmaPOP "issue" (not really :relieved:):

New magmapop topic about his space adventure

Yeah, poptart I know right


Lol. I wonder who flagged it...


I know right and what got flagged?


As I was saying
Georgia is the capital of Neptune!
Didn't you learn the capitals of planets in the Helios System in 4th Grade?


Well @MagmaPOP It is legal when the government wants you dead and all of your family is dead then it is legal to live on Pluto.


Hahahaha no it's in US


No what is that?!?!?


It's in US AND Neptune
Just like Georgia is also a country!


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Seems related to me


I said that I'm a 139 year old human woman living on the moon and mars that's funded by NASA! So they wouldn't tell the rest about it!


What, you are a woman?!?!:older_woman:


I love how we don't care if it's Hopscotch related or not :joy:
Well, it's Christmas Eve, let us have fun for once :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah... totally... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hopscotch Partay and planet debate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Let's do this on New Years Eve too :stuck_out_tongue:


MamgaPop there name because on Mars bubbles of mamga form on the surface and make loud popping noises.


Party in the elevator!