Closed topic. RIP


What’s up guys! I dunno why I made this, but you can chat with me here I guess…





'sup dude


Hai! Nice to see you here!


How's laif? :3


Same D minus way as it always was. JK XD



I made that #neopixel :sunglasses:


Yups. Thx. BTW I want another one made.

Could you make "disneyXD" into a hashtag?


Just made #disneyxd :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:





Hai ! Nice to see you !!


Same to you! I'm glad you decided to come here! :smile:


I have never seen you before !!


What should we do ?.


I think you have. When I joined the forum two days ago... :sweat_smile:


Oh yah ! Right ! So how do you like to forum so far ? I really enjoyed it when I first joined !!


I like it! It's nice! The community here is very welcoming, :smile:


Good! I really like it too !!



Hoi! I'm t̸e̸m̸m̸i̸e̸ Flossy!
What's your HS username?


My HS name is NeoPixel