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Hi! Get ready for the hopscotchers poll!

So i'm going to make a hopscotchers poll
I'll pick some random hopscotchers/forumers for the poll
And I'll make a project for the winner hopscotcher!
I don't know if anyone will even vote but hopefully they will

The poll will be made soon
And if this poll is not allowed than tell me
(I don't know what category this should be in)


Hai Checky-chan!
Where is da poll?:wink:


Sounds cool! Can't wait


This sounds cool! But, idk, it might be taken a bit offensively :0

If someone loses, ya know.


(I tryed to pick super random hopscotchers)

The Hopscotchers Poll!

  • treefrogstudios
  • RainbowGalaxy
  • LazyLizard
  • ThePickle
  • iReesesCup


Votes are public.


All of them!!!!!!!!! @everyone are good Hopscotchers


Why nobody voting?

Try to vote if you come to this topic


I don't think I will vote because it seems a bit unfair to the other people


Than why did you say you can't wait


I changed my mind. Sorry




But is it really that unfair?

Even if you don't vote for your favorite
You can vote for whoever you want
It doesn't need to be your favorite