Closed topic dont go here


do i need to like more? Or read post? Or be liked?
If you know than reply what you think


Read more
Other than that you're good


You may need to be on more or read more posts! :3


You've read for about 2 hours. I think to get member it's 12 hours so just keep reading and being active and you could get it today or tomorrow :wink:


Please calm down. You'll get them after time. Just be active on the forum and you will.


I don't know why would we know lol

Ask the mods

And please stop fresking out, this is not life or death


You need 12 hours of read time.


It takes a minimum of 50 days to get Regular xD


Please stop yelling and calm down :0

You haven't been very active! Be on for more days and read more posts and topics! :D
You need to get member before regular!




Yup, you just have to be patient! :smiley: I am waiting to become a Regular :3


I want to be a Regular too xD


Me too. Only a week left!


I have 182 more topics to read xD


Yeah I have to read a lot more topics too! Since I left the forum for a while I have only been on 12/50 days ):


Please calm down! You don't need to yell! You'll get there soon. Just be patient.


Madi how long have u been on hopscotch?


u are member :3


Yes, I am member. Is there a problem?


i meant @CheckyWecky x3