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How do you make a fish shape like the picture? I doesn't need to be exactly the same just as long as it has that simple fish shape like the picture


You could use leave a trail block. That might work.


Well you can get a circle shape and conect it with a triangle shape
Like this


You could just use an emoji, or what the posts above said!



Donut trust this person. :laughing:
They recommend emojis D:


Oh actually i mean with trails


Okay, so a dot for the head, and two trails coming out at Turn -45 and Turn +45 :s


Hmm how do i make a tear drop / rain drop
That might be better for the head


@CheckyWecky is this okay?


I never use emojis in my projects! They look messy to me :stuck_out_tongue:


@pingu thank you so much i'm gonna use that!


No problem! :D


I suppose you want a leader/mod to close this topic?