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I’m making a new game but I need some help with the code

How it should be

In the game you can tap the different buttons < or > that will change the word. Then when you want to guess the word tap the button guess. When you tap the button guess, the word that you guessed will show up on the top of the screen. But I don’t know how to do that.

Some example pictures
  1. Choose a word

  1. Tap the guess button

  1. When you tap guess the word you chose will show up at the top

So the link for the test project is here:

If explained in a confusing way just tell me, I will try to explain in a better way

Please help if you can


Remix the project with your code


Hmm… I found a way that works but I’m sure if maybe there’s a better way…


Your method works, but it’s pretty inefficient. Here is an easier way to do it:


Yeah, that method is alot better I will probably use it