~CLOSED~ Sorry! This is closed!


I would like to interview some Hopscotchers! I might make a Hopscotch project about it but... Naw. I'll just do it on the forums! So, if you would like to be interviewed, just @ me! I am only taking NO more person! So if you want to be interviewed, then please @ me and I will get back to you with the questions. If you don't feel comfortable answering the questions(which you most likely won't because they are not at personal)then notify me as soon as possible! Make sure to tell me your username on Hopscotch!

Sorry, this is CLOSED!

PeppyArcher as @iLikeChocolate


Type stuff here



Type stuff here



^ Details! :D ^


Okay, thanks for the clarification!


Okay, thanks for the clarification! I'm new to the forums so thanks for helping me!


Can I be interviewed?


Of course, what's your username on Hopscotch?


Glitter Kitty





Okay, thanks! I'll get back to you with the questions once I have two other people!


@iLikeChocolate can i be interviewd pweeze?


Of course! What's your username on Hopscotch?


Doodliedoo :D


:D! Hi everyone! @Glitter_Kitty and @Doodliedoo My username on Hopscotch is PeppyArcher, so either I could make a project on Hopscotch where we could all talk by branching, or one of you could, or we could just talk on the forums! Please reply with your answer!


You are welcome to interview me either way!
Although it would be easier to do on on the forum
Whatever works best for you. :D


Okay, I think that's what I'll do!


Sooo erm, when are you going to interview me?
(Sorry if i sound impatient :confused:)


@iLikeChocolate could I be interviewed


Once I get one more person! Okay, tomorrow!


Okay! Sure! What's your username on Hopscotch?