CLOSED (help needed for art pad)



@SmilingSnowflakes @randomowlsLC @OrangeScent1 @AwesomeWolf18 @Gilbert189 Hi! I'm making an art pad for Glitter Kitty and I need help making some models. I want to have a unicorn and a cat in two of the corners. Help!


I can make a kitty cat. And probably a unicorn


Awesome! I will post a project called "artpad". My Hopscotch is ChiTea!
Thank you, you will be given full credit!


ok, let me go get my ipad
(I'm on my laptop right now)


Ok, before I start on the cat and maybe the unicorn what color should they be or can I make them however I want, I'm thinking on making them sparkle and glittery XD


The unicorn should be an off white (i can get HSBs) but it is really up to you!


What is your Hopscotch username?


KawaiiPixie, if you need an example of my model skills scroll down on my profile


Wow, they are awesome!
I kind of want to make the unicorn, is that okay? I want to try doing models :stuck_out_tongue:i havent done any before!


You can do the unicorn, I'm going to make the best kitty cat ever, It shall have glitter and rainbows XD


Just got on my Ipad, working on artpad NOW!


I can't wait


I finished the cat, should I publish now?


I published it... Tell me what to make it better, or if it's not supposed to look like that


It is perfect!
Thank you so much!


Your wecome, If you want me to help with anything else just ask me :wink:


Awesome, thanks! I just ran out of likes!


That is so cool! She's gonna love it :3


Aww, thank you!! :3 <2020>


Oh i added the unicorn: