CLOSED DO NOT ENTER!Forum V.S. Hopscotch it's self (1 of my V.S. series!)


hey guys this is part 1 of my V.S series i'm starting on here so all you have to do is fill out this forum to enter the V.S. annual championship! the championship is where every time i do 5 V.S i will take all 5 winners and have a drawing contest! Then there is the mini super bowl for every two V.S!


Forum or hopscotch?
What's your HS username?
What inspired you to start the forum?
What inspired you to start hopscotch?
Place a funny meme under this question!


Here you go!





I was just checking what you were hiding!


You are excepted for the mini super bowl!



Thank you very much!


Here it is! xD


I'm so sorry but you are not excepted for anything but you are still a winner you get this meme!


Oh man.

I thought you said I was in the mini super bowl though?


whoops sorry wrong person it was @KawaiiRose


If your in the mini super bowl please go to V.S first Mini super bowl!


You are not excepted sorry!


Why not? What makes me accepted?


if you write a story or not for what inspired you to start!


Nothing inspired me to start. I don't remember how I started, but I remember my old name: PickleSprinkles. xD


thanks! :D


And i don't like people begging to be excepted


wait, I'm in? am i the only one in? xD


I wasn't asking to be accepted...
I am leaving this topic to avoid a flame war.


and @Sweetlina i tapped on her and you on accident i tried to do pickles!