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Maybe just return the IPad and everything will be okay.


Welp. You shouldn't have stole it in the first place.





but even if I was mad at my twin, I wouldn't go through depths to do that?


I was creating a hypothetical situation. I was talking about my sister. Who is my twin.


If I was mad at my twin I wouldn't do a such thing. I'll just steal some of her clothes but you are taking it too far. Maybe tomorrow you will be like "it's a prank guys! Calm down!" Well you are doing something that is more than a prank. It's just payback. Which that is not how you handle it.


It means, like pretend


That is not how you get your sister to play with you! I know you are very young so you will probably miss your sister and want to hang out with her. That doesn't mean you steal her iPad and just mess everything up!??


It is just creating a pretend situation, something that could happen. What I meant by that, was if I ever got mad at my sister, I would not do what you did and settled it in a more civil way.


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Hey I'm telling on you to my mom