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Advice Exchange has closed since there is already another topic relating to sharing advice. Thanks for using it while it lasted.

Original Topic

‘Give Advice, Get Advice’ by CreativeCoder

Original Description


This topic was made to insure that projects live up to their full potential, creating a greater library of well-designed games in Hopscotch. Please make sure all of your advice is honest, for example: “I think your project needs a total makeover, and this is how I would do it...” or “Your project is coming along great! I would fix one thing, which is...” Please note that I wouldn’t recommend asking for advice if you are very sensitive to critical thinking and feedback.


If you need to get advice, follow the following format and do not remove the header html. Replace the grouping with a short description.
<h1>Need Advice</h1>
[Write a short description]

If you are giving advice or commenting on someone’s idea and have something that you might want to add onto it, there is no format needed. Just make sure you reply to the original poster.

Thank you for making great projects greater for everyone at Hopscotch.



Possibly more varied colors in the sky and grass.
(Different shades of blue/green)


@Petrichor Please delete your post


So confused… What is this?