CLOSA candy’s little object show adventure

I’m very late on replying to this, sorry!

This is a cool idea! We can do it later in the year if u want (and if I don’t go inactive)

Maybe Braynee can join too!

Maybe u can join don’t be sad @:brain::leg:t2:


Idk how long it will be until i start bfari though because procrastination
Im very unmotivated to finish the artpad colors lol


Here is my completely RANDOM signup:

If it’s too random lmk, I’ll make a more standard one haha


An onion :skull: ima find a cartoon reference of an onion and copy that lol


I was gonna ask u if u even started bfari lol but u answered my question, u didn’t.

Anyways I can finish off the art pad if u want bc I’m bored and I need something to do. If ur okay with me finishing it just tell me what colours u need to add

Angry Onion

Happy Onion

Panik Onion Because Why Not





Thank you those references are amazing


Signups are closed!
Thanks for signing up :smiley:

I’ll post submission drawings in the dht in a few days!
I’ll start Closa soon so stay tuned!


@Leaders please close this topic!


closed on request - tag us in the Leaders Q&A topic whenever youll be ready to reopen this topic! best of luck for the object show :))

@CanDyy here!

Thanks @Tri-Angle !

Plans for closa:

I’ll start closa soon but I’m waiting until my term break bc I’ll have more free time then. I may not be very active on the forum march - April but I’ll try my best to post closa panels in the dht!

I’m allowing one more character sign up (bc I realised I didn’t have enough :sweat_smile:)

If you want to submit your character please fill out the form
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask/ tell me! :))


Forum username: Alboy
Object name: Octavian
What is your object?: A Roman lar, but just the toga
Colours for your object: (rgb) (247, 136, 241) and other, lighter(and some darker, lol)colors near it- see ref
Accessories: The rope that holds his toga up is detachable, so i guess its kinda an accessory- most of his stuff is in the extra category
Likes: collecting ancient artifacts
Dislikes: Bad weather. He’s extremely afraid of it.
Personality: Distrustful, thinks people are bad before getting to know them. After getting to know them, tho, he tries to be helpful.
Extra: Octavian has a Latin dictionary for his spells, and a wooden cup that he claims to have once held the ichor of Jupiter himself.(he’s very protective of the cup, but loves to brag about it.) Now, the main gimmick of Octavian: he can incant spells in Latin. For example, if Octavian says “dormis” (you sleep) the person he directs it to instantly falls asleep. If you don’t know Latin, feel free to ask me for help here on the forum, and if i don’t know it use google translate prob lol
Notes: The ref of Octavian is this

He’s basically just a flying toga that’s a ghost

  • Give us a spoiler for closa!
  • don’t give us a spoiler
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I’ll post in in the dht if u choose ‘give us a spoiler’


Before I post my last submission drawings I would like to ask if you guys would like to see closa in full colour or just line art? (With some colour ofc)

  • Full colour
  • just line art
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Please give me suggestions for closa! I’m still working on the first few scenes because I think they don’t make sense :sweat_smile:



(I’m sorry :sob:)

Um so I need 2 more signups…
It’s ok if I don’t get those!
So I have 2 people in mind, @KayStarot and @StrawberryKarma
It’s okay if you guys don’t want to sign up, I’m not forcing anybody! :))
If you guys want to sign up just fill this out:


Candy’s little object show adventure sign up sheet!
Forum username: MooseCat
Object name: um how about esoterica
What is your object?: a witch hat like in my pfp lol
Colours for your object: dark blue
Likes: Apples, rain, reading, big medieval towers
Dislikes: Heat, excessive movement, large things in general (except medieval towers)
Personality: quiet, but also nice, kind of self-deprecating at times, afraid of a lot of things
Notes: don’t add legs lol. She just floats
thank you for signing up for CLOSA!
Your object drawings will be drawn by me and will be posted on Closaofficial and on the forum!

I hope I did it right lol


1 more sign up needed!

Thanks @MooseCat for ur signup btw

Either @KayStarot @KaylaTheFoxUwU @StrawberryKarma or @RoadOcean can submit (that’s all the people I can think of)
Y’all don’t have to but u can if u want to!
Anyone else can submit a signup! I don’t mind who signs up :D

Signups can be found a few posts above this one


Candy’s little object show adventure sign up sheet!
Forum username: KayStarot
Object name: Ketzal, or Ketz
What is your object?: a key :old_key:
Colours for your object: grey and any other colors you want/feel necessary
Accessories: none that i can currently think of
Likes: warm blankets, being around people, listening to other people’s stories/conversations. Being comfy.
Dislikes: small spaces, the dark, being alone, also bad weather/storms/lightning.
Personality: she’s generally quiet, likes to be a follower/follow people rather than lead. She’s more calm but easily stressed out as she is scared of like so many things
Extra: feel free to adjust where necessary, I came up with this character ny throwing together random words
Notes: ababababababababababababa
thank you for signing up for CLOSA!
Your object drawings will be drawn by me and will be posted on Closaofficial and on the forum!


What I wrote 1 instead of 2
Ok so yeah I need 2
(Kay already signed up so 1 more is enough!)

@/KaylaTheFoxUwU @/StrawberryKarma @/RoadOcean
Or anyone else can sign up :))



I feel like Ketz and Lumi (my sign-up) would get along well, lol.
They have that “opposites attract” feel to them (if I’m saying that right).
Also I noticed they’re scared of some of the same things, lol.