Cloning-values Topic Closed


I haven't seen this done on Hopscotch or Scratch or Tynker but i was wondering do you think it's possible to have values created with code instead of having to manually create a value/variable?
Like creating a clone and that clone has its own variable created for it as well?
Like a variable for health points for an individual clone? @oio
(I just figured out how thinking about it using scratch tynker by using a "self" command)




There IS a way to to this in hopscotch, by using an objects different attributes, like size, speed etc, but only the clone itself can use that value.


I've been thinking this, too! It would help for making complex projects with clones (like the BTD project that was impossible to make).


Yeah, i know the clones attributes can be coded for but i mean a variable not attached to any attributes.just like manually creating a value?