Cloning Objects?



Hi! :D

I discovered a glitch that doubles all of the objects in the editor. :0
It clones the object itself, it's rules, and it's position. :D

I think it happens to old drafts, my first guess was a month, but I'm pretty sure it's longer... The draft I discovered it on was made in September (or November) last year.

The draft can't be edited (I think) for this glitch to happen.
^ I didn't edit it for a long time. XD ^

This also happened on a more recent draft from sometime in February this year.

It was a animal made with leave a trail with values, and the values bugged a lot! :D

I fixed the wings and tail, then published the project! :D
Most of the text objects were still doubled when I published it.

Here is the project that the glitch happened on. :D

If you look at the editor, and tap most of the objects, you will see double! :D

Look at the rules in the double objects, they are the same as the ones they have been cloned from! :D

Note: The objects that make the tail and wings had the glitch, but I removed the second object to get the values to work.


It could be useful for... Making more objects? XD

It could make it difficult to finish un-finsihed games, and it makes it really difficult for values, especially for values that control leave a trail widths. :D

So... Don't leave drafts unfinished or unedited for too long. XD


Are you talking about this? I mad a topic about it a while ago. :wink:


@Liza Check this out, it's weird.


Remember when it did it on the project you made for me?


I remember, but I think that was a link glitch or something... :D

That draft wasn't there for a long time! XD
It was actually only there for a hour or two. :D


It happened to me too with @Gilbert189 is illuminati! One month .-.


This is a very good topic @SmilingSnowflakes and I think it might be a glitch.


:0 thank you :0

I completely forgot about this topic lol


I completely forgot about this topic lol


I completely forgot about this topic lol


I completely forgot about this topic lol

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