Clones are spawning in bunches




I have a problem. I'm making a high five tapper.

It's supposed to be every time I tap it, one clone goes onto it.

But they are spawning too rapidly!

The number on the right is a developer tool I set up so you know how many clones are spawning. The top number is the high five count.

Here's the code for the clones:

What's happening?! :confused:


Also, the "when circle is tapped" is there so if you tap the hand and the clone is where you tapped, it works.


See: This post


Doesn't work :confused:


Every clone there is cloning. You need to prevent this. For that strategy, do you have the clones set invisibility to 1%? (Or if you want the invisible, 100?) if you did not it wouldn't work.

Also, is it too much to a ask why you need it to clone?


You know the red mark that gets left on your hand after a really strong high five? That's what it is. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I think he needs clones because each time you tap, you tap in a different place, and the old one still needs to fade out


@Rawrbear can the clones be reused?


I don't think so, that would change all of the clones' positions. :neutral_face:


Clones can't be reused unless you assign them based on their values, x,y,invis,size, etc.


I'm sorry to see you guys struggle with this. I know how strange clones can be. If you still want to discuss it, in order to get a solution for your special application, I'd be glad to try to help. I think I know what the issues are. -oio


What are they?? :smile:


Sorry, @Rawrbear, I was typing a letter to a school about hopscotch. I missed your reply. If you're still on, let me know, and I'll watch more closely, so we can get it sorted. :smile:


I'm on, but I'll be offline for about 15 mins. :wink:


Ok, so... quickly, then, do I correctly understand that you're getting lots and lots of clones, when you only want one at a time?



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Okay, I had the same problem. What happens is that each time you "clone", the command makes a clone of the character and of every single existing clone that has so far been made. What you end up having to do is to "tag" the original character with some identifiable characteristic, so that only that one gets cloned. That may sound complicated, but it's not. I'll keep going in the next post, as long as I know you're following me. Or that I am making sense to you. K?


Okay, I see the "like." I'll put the rest in this post using "edits".

So... try this: Do something to your original characer, like make its invisibility be 1%, or rotate it by 1 degree or something.

Then, on your "When [such and so happens]" block, don't just tell it to "CLONE". Instead, put an "IF" inside of it that checks for the invisibility being 1% or the rotation being 1 degree or whatever you used. And inside of that "IF" put the CLONE command.


I GET IT!! So you have to characterize it somehow, or make it have some sort of variable so it doesn't clone anything else!


I'm offline now :frowning: