Clones and Collisions cause major lag (not always?)

1 sentence description of the problem:
With some projects clones cause tons of lag when they have collisions in them
Steps to reproduce the problem every time:
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That is not possible because in my CookingCreatures project, there were tons of clone collisions with no lag but now there is, although that is a slightly old project.

I expected this to happen: Not lag

But instead this happened: Lag

Your username: StarlightStudios

Device type, iOS version: All devices?

Hopscotch version & player version:
(you can go to :gear: > “About”, and take a screenshot)

Device: iPad13,8
iOS Version: 16.4.1
App Version: 3.65.0
Build: 8511
Player Version: 2.2.3
User ID: 4909654
Username: StarlightStudios

StarlightStudios is subscribed through iTunes
Is fern: true


You can find more here


Here is a project that perfectly demonstrates how laggy it actually is:

(When “when is touching” is replaced with “when game is playing”, the lag goes away. So this lag might just be due to all object reacting at once (or initial lag) many times by turning a bit. When it’s continuously turning, it has time to catch up with itself, which can be unnoticeable at times. This project only has 40 clones, which shows how bad this lag really is).

It seems to mainly be the movement blocks inside the collision rule that are causing a bit of lag. When left by themselves, the lag is less noticeable.

Device Details

  • iPad13,8 (M1 iPad Pro 12.9" (5-Gen))
  • iPadOS 16.4.1
  • Hopscotch Version: 3.65.0
  • Player Version: 2.2.3
  • Username: Crosbyman64
  • Subscribed = True
  • is fern = true

And yes, this occurs on all devices (except for compatible MacBooks… maybe), since the M1 / M2 iPads are the most powerful (compared to all other iPads and iPhones), and even they are prone to massive lag spikes.


Another thing to note is when you tap the screen, it lags considerably more.
Idk if this is off topic or not, but I thought I should mention it.